Monday, January 27, 2014

southern summer // color files

I love color, I really and truly do. In fact, I can be very opinionated about it. I've studied color theory and I feel color is purely an emotional and personal experience. How I feel about a certain shade of green, might make you go, "Ew no! I disagree!". My personal philosophy on color is that I feel that colors that occur naturally in nature have the most harmony. I personally love the color green, and all it's tints and shades. I've been getting a few color related jobs lately and thought I'd share a few of my color schemes. I love going through my own photography files and picking a photo that I really inspired me color-wise. I snapped this photo in Virginia at Colonial Williamsburg one summer. If you've never experienced a summer in the Southern United States, this photo sums it up perfectly. You'll experience the richest greens you've ever seen. Everything seems to glow.