Saturday, January 18, 2014

down the line // thoughts

 Photographs by | Talitha Bullock 
Hello 2014. I really, I mean really cannot believe it is 2014. Where has time gone? Wow. The past year has flown by incredibly fast, probably faster than any year before. I blame it on how outrageously busy I have become. My resolution last year was to simplify my life and focus on what really mattered to me. I am pleased to say that over the past year I have learned several valuable lessons and things are a lot clearer, more in focus. Last year was a year of introspection and trying to find myself. 
I fell out of my blogging grove a while back and it's been a little bit of struggle getting back into the swing of it so, I just gave up. One of my main resolutions this year is to get back into it. I want to use this blog as a place to curate my ideas, share things that I love and that inspire me, my designs, my work. I hope I can keep it up. 
So, Little Bit, let's give this one more try.