Tuesday, September 2, 2014

enough is enough // thoughts

 Photographs | Talitha Bullock
Oh hello, September ( You're welcome. I couldn't help myself.) I can't believe summer has flown by as quickly as it has. Faster than ever, that's for sure. I spent so much of it hanging on to old feelings, hurt and heartbroken. No fun. It's funny, since making the leap (letting go), it's almost like I have become more alive. I've rekindled many friendships, and made some really meaningful new ones. I'm realizing my own worth, my own strengths and what I need. I feel like I've grown over the last two months more than I have in the last six years. I'm free, truly on my own. Truly a fresh start. I feel inspired and liberated, yet slightly overwhelmed with excitement, oh the possibilities!

 "I wish I had the courage not to fight and doubt everything. I wish, just once, I could say: ‘This. This is good enough.’" - Chuck Palahniuk, Choke