Tuesday, July 24, 2012

colonial williamsburg // adventures

These photographs are from my visit to Colonial Williamsburg (VA), back in June. Where my grandfather has been a generous donor to the Raleigh Tavern Society for years. We were given the opportunity to stay in one of the historical homes (first photograph) in the heart of the colonial area. It was a really incredible experience to stay in an original structure from the 1700's. Granted, it was outfitted in all the modern day comforts, but tastefully done so.  More than anything though, it was amazing to share this experience with my family, my whole family. It had been at least two years since we were all together. 
Looking back at these photos makes me homesick. I miss the east coast so, so much. I miss the lush green summers, the sound of crickets at night, the history, the charm. I remember when people would ask, "Where are you visiting from?" and my first instinct was to say "Pittsburgh" and I had to stop myself and say, "Oh, wait. Seattle, I'm living in Seattle." I'll always be an east coast girl, and Pennsylvania will always, always, always be my home.

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ashley faye said...

great shots ... i love colonial america