Saturday, February 25, 2012

fresh start // new beginnings

Welcome to Little Bit! I need a new start. I feel I've grown out of my old blog, and need a new space to share and fill with my inspirations, photography, etc, and little bits of my life. So, why "Little Bit", you ask? It was my father's nickname for me. It's my little way of paying homage to him. Cheers for new beginnings! 


Krissy B said...

Welcome to the world, new blog of Hayley's! :) Here's to new beginnings. xo.

kelly ann said...

Hello sweet lady! That photo is so pretty... can't wait to see what the future holds for this blog. <3

Also... thank you, thank you a million times for the sweet comment you left on my latest post. It brought such warmth and comfort to my heart. I appreciate you so much... you are such a light, dear Hayley. Sending lots of love, xo.

Jenmarie said...

Such a cute name! Thanks for letting us know you've moved.